Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cob Building Course with Edwards Eco Building

We just came back from Norfolk (England), where we participated in a 4 day’s cob building course. There we received not only know-how, but also lots of inspiration and support for our own project. Yes, it is possible! Finally we met people thinking and acting in the same direction as we do. Kate - the course leader - renovated her own house with cob. We saw some other beatiful houses in the area, built with the same techology: 

We are not professional builders, so we had a lot of questions and a lack of practical information. During this course we got many answers (and we already know what questions to ask in order to get the rest -))

Kate covered the most important aspects concerning  foundations, drainage, earthen and wooden floors, stem walls, cob and straw bale walls (and the ways cob and bales could be combined), roof constructions and many more useful tips and tricks. All participants shared with us their knowledge, energy, hard work and enthusiasm. Thank you all!

The house which we were building during the course:

Our daughter Eva also wants to build with cob:

More info about the course:

More about Edwards Eco Building:

Friday, May 20, 2011

The area and the current house

This is the area where we intend to build a cob house. It is located close to village Lakatnik, Bulgaria.

The view from the east side:


The view from the west side:

Gara Lakatnik village:

The current house:

The garden:

There is a cave near by:

Early spring: